Audio Lynx HC86 A/V system software

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Lynx Innovation(was Audio Lynx)



Project details

The Audio Lynx HC86 Audio Visual system has 8 A/V inputs and can individually switch them to the 6 zones it support providing a central A/V hub for high end homes.  The main unit uses a Philips LPC ARM processor which is network connected to 8051 based keypads.  I did the bulk of the software development for both the main unit an keypads in C.  I also created installer PC configuration software in Delphi Pascal.  The keypads capture and decode or compress IR data which was sent over the keypad network to the main unit.  The main unit uses configuration information to process the IR data.  The PC configuration software can analysis both information stored in the main unit and live IR data from the keypads and decode the IR format in use.  It can create device based configurations, scripting macros and timer features.

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