Gibson Group

Video Tape Operator and Electronic Maintenance On Location


September 1983 to December 1983

Work done

Working on location of the film The Silent One in the Cook Islands. The primary job requirement was to record all film shot on video tape. This was done with a video camera built in to the view-finder of a 32mm film camera on land and for the under water shots a separate video camera strapped to the film camera. The video tape footage was used to check if the shoot was OK or if it needed to be redone. Bad takes could be determined before the film was developed a week later. The secondary job requirement was to keep all electronic equipment in good working order. The equipment included land and underwater video cameras, video recorders, television monitors, handheld UHF transceivers and their UHF repeater station. Even simple items such as a 9 volt battery had to be shipped by air from the main land if required and some unusual skills required, such as splicing back together cables cut by boat propellers and keeping a VCR dry during an artificial hurricane.

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