6803 based MCDD (Motor Cycle Digital Dash)

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This unit was made to provide useful instrumentation on a motorcycle. The unit contains a 6803 processor, I2C interface chip, RS232 port, EEPROM, RTC, control switches, 4 digit LCD display and driver. Most of the unit is built into an old speedo assembly. The unit is controlled by an old lighting switch assembly mounted next to the normal switch and with an I2C IO expander mounted in it. An optical speed pick up was attached to the existing speedo. The EEPROM is used to hold configuration information such distance per speedo pulse and function for each switch setting. A RS232 terminal can be hooked up to the unit to reconfigure the EEPROM. The RTC provides the current time as well as battery backed up RAM for trip counters and the like. The information available is speed, trip distance (shown automatically when stationary), time, standing mile (lapsed time and terminal velocity). It is also possible to adjust the clock, reset the trip counter or start a new standing mile run while riding. I would have added fuel flow but couldn't find a suitable flow rate sensor at a reasonable price (maybe on the mark II). The unit survived the three years I had that bike.

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