Navman Halo Dome hardware

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The Halo Dome was Navman's first tracking and communications device.  I envisioned a self contained unit that could be mounted on the roof of a truck and contain both the the GPS with it's antenna and a cellular modem with it's antenna.  A M16 processor processes the GPS and vehicle status and communicated it via the modem.  At the time of development there was no single unit solutions.  To create a compact unit the cellular antenna was a halo design and the GPS antenna placed below it.  The design was sufficiently novel to receive an US patent.  The Halo Dome is used with the Navman Online AVL system and OEM customers such as a major US telco.  I ensured the design was compliant with EMC and automotive standards.  The initial version used either a CDPD or GPRS modem.  The product was trialled in the UK where it was their first non-handset device, as it was when launched in New Zealand.  I travelled to the UK in September to over see the trial configuration with Vodafone and ended up with an extended stay when all flights were cancelled on the 11th.

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