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The Reel Skills Games systems are a skills based variant of the traditional reeler gaming machine (pokies).  I designed and wrote all the software used in the overall system.  The main application runs under Linux and is written in C.  It communicates with it's peripherals via a local serial network.  Each of the peripherals has it's own interface board with an AVR controller.  The coin mech controller uses an ATTiny2313 and the note acceptor and button deck controllers use ATMega162s.  All AVR code is written in C.  The main application also connects via the Internet to a MySQL server at head office.  The is also a TCP monitor and control port so the running application can be supervised remotely.  I also wrote BASH scripts to allow tracking of IP address changes so it is possible to locate a remote machine after any IP address changes.  For the supervisor role I wrote a Lazarus Pascal application for realtime access.  Lazarus allows Delphi like code but builds for both Linux and Windows.  For head office I created the website in PHP and added site administration and reporting features from the MySQL database.  I used a site specific wiki to document key information.

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