Smartcash Systems Limited

AKA: Scandic (NZ) Ltd and GMS, now owned by UGL

Technology Manager


June 1995, May 1999

Work done

Design and setup a service workshop. Employ staff for technical support roles. Manage the day to day running of the workshop and it's four full time and four part time staff. Solve any problem with Scandic's cashless systems (SmartCards), NetCash's cashless system (mag cards)  and other products which where beyond the scope of the technical support staff. Maintenance and development of software supporting the Cashless system. Developed tools to aid in technical support operations. Provided technical support and staff training for the IGT dealer network nation wide. Supported the operation of 60 cashless sites from Whangarei to Invercargill, implemented remote modem support. Coordinate with Scandic International (Australia) on cashless upgrades and supply. Deal with repair of Ardac (USA) note acceptors used in 600 gaming machines at the AK casino. Installed and maintained the NT and OS/2 Warp Server LANs. Developed a XBase application for tracking of parts stock, customer details and cashless site information. I also upgraded and look after United Gaming Limited's LAN and any advanced technical requirements they need.  I also redeveloped much of the Australian developed Scandic product to create a more reliable product.  This redevelopment also included to creation of new version of the PC based charging station application in C  to provide the same functionality as the original DOS one with out the problems a DOS program creates in a multitasking environment.  With the introduction of a new NT based product I have been responsible for the general layout of the system as it will be used in New Zealand and the creation or upgrading of those parts needed to make the system supportable and reliable.  Many of my enhancements have been sold back the original developer.  I have also took on the establishment of the company it's first web presence.

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