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For this project I was asked to produce a self vending wagering terminal based on touch screen technology for our telebetting customers. I was told to use a standard PC running DOS. I evaluated the different touch screen technologies available and ordered a capacitive and a SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) touch screen from two different companies in the USA. The touch screens were kit sets which I installed on NEC VGA monitors. I used the DCOM board for comms to the Jetbet wagering system. As this was the first time a PC had been used by the TAB to implement a terminal I had to develop the core wagering code as well as the applications specific code. This was all done in Modula II. Another member of the TAB development division was given the job of porting the VOS (Virtual Operating System) to the MS DOS platform. The VOS provided me with multitasking and memory management. The interface to the touch screen was my problem. The program was not small due to all the bet types being supported. The user cannot select invalid details as the terminal won't display them. To achieve this the terminal needed to know about every runner at every race for all the meetings open for sale. It had to know which races had run and what pools where open on each race. The terminal went on line for trials in the staff cafe where it was very popular. It has also been taken to trade (wagering) related shows and Hong Kong.

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