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1972? Suzuki FR50
1978 to 1979
 Everybody has to start somewhere. This was my first bike.

1974 Honda TL125K1
1979 to 1981
This classic Honda trials bike was one of the best bikes I ever owned.  It could go anywhere and do anything !

1976 Honda TL250
This not a picture of my one but it looked the same.  The extra power was not worth weight, the TL125 was a better ride off road.

1978 Suzuki GS1000E
My first big bike, I still have the number plate, 46DYD.

1979 Suzuki GS1000L
My first custom style bike.

197? Yahamaha 400 twin
It may have been an XS400, this is not a picture of my actual bike.

1976 Honda TL125K2
This not a picture of my one but it looked much like this.

1986 Suzuki GN250
The first new vehicle I owned.

1986 Suzuki LS400 Savage
Way underpowered for a 400cc and scraped the pegs in corners way to easy.

1984 Suzuki GSX400L
Restoration project I never completed.  This not a picture of my actual bike.

1988 Honda CBR1000

1992 Honda CBR1000

1988? Montesa Colta 349

1984 Honda SL70
Tony learnt to ride on this bike.  This picture show my mother on the back !

1990 Honda/Suzuki 250
A Honda XR250 motor in a Suzuki 2 stroke frame.  Couldn't get the motor to start.

1986 Honda TLR250
1996 Current
The only 4 stroke Trials bike I have seen with monoshock suspension of this era.  The ultimate wheel machine this bike holds true to the spirt of  original TL125.  I still have this bike and don't plan to ever sell it as it is just too much fun.

1982 Honda CR80
Not a picture of my actual bike.

1992 Honda XR200
In the full size picture you can see me getting some air while doing jumps in Woodhill forest.

1997 Kawasaki KDX220
1997 to 2009

1999 Suzuki GN125

1997 Honda SLR650

1972 Honda TL125K0
2004 to 2014

2003 Honda VTR1000F Firestorm
2004 Current, 2013 Stolen, recovered, misappropriated and puchased back

2006 Jinbawang JBW50QT-3

Used this bike in Zaporizhzhia as basic transport due to Ukrainian vehicle onwership laws.  A very dear and close friend was kill while riding this bike.  The worst day of my life :-(

1986 ИМЗ УРАЛ 8 (or translated an EMZ URAL 8)

This Russian built bike is a copy of the WWII BMW.  It was in Zaporozhzhia. I wanted to bring home to Auckland.  It has been extensively customised and has a spider painted on the tank and a web paint theme.  Lots of stories for this bike!

1974 Honda TL125K1
2007 to 2014
Sames model as I had back in 1979 but worse for the years!

1976 Honda TL125K2
2008 current
Good condition for it's age, still runs well.

2008 Gas Gas Pampera 125
2009, 2013 stolen
A fun little bike I was using as a commuter.